Ok Glass, Find a product… Ok Glass, Find a product…

Ok Glass, Find a product…

January 13

My colleagues have heard me say this several hundred times over the last few months. They have taken delight in the different search terms I have had to come up with; partly to test the glassware, but also just to entertain them. It’s rather liberating to talk to yourself at your desk, despite the ridicule from your colleagues.

Of course, you can also scan a barcode: “Ok Glass scan a product”.

We started this experiment in June last year. We had a prototype working, and filmed a conceptual video about how customers might use the glassware. Since then, it has changed substantially, although the principle functions remain. We have refined and shortened the user journeys and also clarified the experience to make it consistent with the Glass design patterns. 

If you are already a Glass wearer, you should find the experience very familiar. If you have Glass, we’d love for you to try the glassware and give us your feedback. You can already add items to your basket and view nutritional information, but we’ll continue to develop the glassware based on your feedback. We are keen to discover how we can take Glass further, how we can improve the experience for customers and what your thoughts on Glass and other wearables are.

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From a developers’ perspective, working with Glass has been a joy. The updates to Android Studio that have made Android development more accessible all apply to Glass development. The Glass Development Kit (GDK) documentation is good and getting better. The community is helpful and proactive about sharing knowledge, especially on stackoverflow. The Glass team at Google does all they can to try to make sure the glassware delivers the best experience possible.  This is a challenge given how Glass is still being developed, so it can be somewhat of a moving target. The Glass software platform went through 6 updates in the time we worked with it, which shows how much Google is still investing in the platform.

Given the steady flow of software updates, and the various articles that have been published alluding to updated Glass hardware,  I can’t help but feel this is still the beginning of the journey for Glass and for Tesco.

Your thoughts...?

2 thoughts on “Ok Glass, Find a product…”

  1. I would love to see this being usable in store too, much like the handheld scanners that you get. Your phone that is linked to the glass could then create a barcode or QR code that you scan at the till to pay, could also work on the phone without glass.

  2. From a customer perspective I’d also like to see it in the store. You could add parameters to customize the user experience. One possible use would be to use augmented reality to highlight parts of the store off-limits to people with different allergies (nut allergies etc) or to show which products and in which areas the gluten-free products are sold. You could also use it to direct the consumer to different areas with special offers according to their electronic shopping list. Ideally stores should already have electronic signs (LCD) that dynamically change daily to direct shoppers to areas under promotion. With Glass the customer demographic data and shopping history could be used to enhance this experience and guide the customer according to their preferences.
    From a store manager’s perspective Glass with augmented reality could be used to highlight areas where the store is used inefficiently or where the areas the show under-stocking or over-stocking. It would be excellent to show the manager buying statistics of each areas so that whenever the manager sees a problem with the statistics (maybe red colour highlighting in the area) then he can immediately identify problems such as bad accessibility or bad positioning or positioning with the wrong products.
    Great work! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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