Our dynamic advertising has changed

Last month, we introduced you to our F&F Forecaster project. We’ve learnt lots since installing the screens at our Hammersmith Metro store and we’ve made some updates.

You can read our first instalment about this project here. The purpose of the very big, very bright screens was to tell a story to those who passed by:

“You know, you can purchase clothes online from F&F and collect them in store the next day.”

We decided it would be fun to achieve this by displaying a weather forecast for the following day, and presenting relevant clothing choices.

F&F Forecaster v1

Next we asked you, the public, what you thought. You told us you liked seeing the weather forecast. We get that – it’s useful, and we’re not asking you to buy anything. However our story, as described above, proved difficult to understand in the environment. Outside our Hammersmith Metro store is certainly a very busy place, but not many of you spend much time there as you’re usually on your way to or from the tube station nearby.

So in the spirit of iterative design, we changed it. We removed our Click & Collect message completely, and refocussed on the link between the weather forecast and clothing purchases.

F&F Forecaster v2

Our revised designs see the weather forecast visual duplicated on the first and third screens. We also redesigned it to make it even simpler to digest. Specifically, it includes a summary (e.g. “It’s going to be cloudy”), the felt temperature and the chance of rain. Each of these facets of the forecast appear sequentially, one at a time.

The clothing carousel visual remains on the middle screen, but we have also added a visual cue to look down toward the interaction points, as you suggested that they weren’t prominent enough:


Having made these changes, we spent the day in Hammersmith speaking to you again, and we learned some more, valuable lessons.

Our trial in Hammersmith has drawn to a close. We appreciate all of the feedback you’ve provided in Hammersmith, on Twitter and indeed on this blog. We’ll learn from all of our findings to make an even better proposition for you next time!