Product Information API Update

Perhaps the most sought after functionality from our API in recent times has been product information.

We are happy to share that we have added this to our developer portal, and this is available to make use of straight away.

This API isn’t just limited to grocery products; it also includes products from Tesco Direct. We’ve included as much information as we can at the moment, but will be looking to add to this in the near future. One of the key elements that we’re pleased to be able to feature is nutritional information – something that there has been high demand for.

However, if there is something missing that you think would be useful then please let us know. As always we appreciate your feedback, so feel free to post comments/bugs/requests in the support forum or drop us a tweet or an email. We’re also interested in hearing about what people build using the API and will feature some of the best ones here.

Happy coding!


Hack Stars

43 teams hack for 24 hours at our most successful India Hackathon yet!

The 5th annual Tesco Labs India Hackathon 2016 took place on 22-23 September. 43 teams The event was the most successful to date, with a record number of registrations, and the highest female participation yet; and was wholly organised and conducted by Tesco Labs in India (Krishnan Ramaswami, Kunal Ramkumar and Meenakshi Bhattacharya). 180 participants (both Tesco colleagues and external contestants) made up 43 teams. After 24 hours of hacking, the teams presented to a panel of judges comprising Vidya Laxman, Vineeth Suresh, Tilak Doddapenani and Abraham Cheria from Tesco India, Sue Lance from Tesco UK and Rashmi Mohan, previously of Yahoo Labs member and currently an independent technologist. Rashmi also took the podium as guest speaker to give the audience his insights into the “Innovation Mindset”. The winning teams from the day pitched a variety of ideas, from promoting products through gaming, to enabling multi-channel personalised advertising campaigns, which impressed both the audience and the judges! The winners were:

3rd Place
Team: Novelty

Idea: To design and develop a game which promotes Tesco products and also enables the player to buy products in-game.

2nd Place
Team: Know Your Customer (KYC)

Idea: To develop a new shopping experience to our customers, especially those who are more likely to shop online. Enhance their experience by letting them set a shopping date with friends / flat mates / colleagues and shop having fun and benefitting from others’ suggestions / opinions as they shop.

1st Place
Team: Brogrammers

Idea: Ads are everywhere but most of them are irrelevant and really don’t make any sense for people viewing them. We are developing an app which will make the best utilization of TVs, and other devices at airports, stations, and other public places showing only relevant ads based on the age/group/gender of people in-front of the advertising device. Those who wish to purchase can scan the QR code, and order the product. If you are using a computer, ads will be personalized based on your social feeds, with the best deals then suggested. Those using smartphones can skip ads and order required products through a simple voice command (for example “Order 1kg Potatoes, 2 tomatoes and 1 litre of milk using COD”) with the order then delivered to your default address.

The organisers were also delighted to present a People’s Choice award, which went to team ‘Prodigies’ who created a way for customers to locate the least crowded store in their locale through the innovative use of ‘I-don’t-queue’ data.

Congratulations to all those who took part – we look forward to welcoming you back again in 2017!