We're Tesco Labs.

"We use our passion for innovation, to create new and disruptive retail focussed experiences and products, for Tesco customers and colleagues globally."

Tesco has a proud track record of innovation and has dedicated teams to ensure we continue to focus in this area. Tesco Labs is the research and development team within Tesco Technology.

Our projects are typically ‘new to world’ or ‘new to retail’. We work across the Innovation Horizons, from nearer term opportunities to testing hypothesis in experimental, breakthrough innovation. Our aim is to create a culture of innovation by inspiring our colleagues and the wider community. 

Within Tesco, we work alongside the Group Innovation team. Group Innovation has a broader focus, spanning all aspects of our business, to realise new disruptive innovation opportunities that enhance what we do or how we do things. This team partners with Tesco Labs where that opportunity involves technology.


Got an idea for us?

Our Red Door is a single, simple point of access for Innovators. If you have solution that you would like to share with us, please submit your proposal here for the team to review.