From Cab to Lab: a Dotcom delivery driver’s secondment with Tesco Labs

Our store colleague and Globe’athon winner, Antony, gives his perspective on why collaboration across the whole business is so important for Tesco.

This was the second time I’ve come to Head Office; the first being in March, when I took part in Tesco’s global hackathon. Being in the UK winning team at the Globe’athon gave me a wonderful sense of achievement, so I was delighted to be invited back to Tesco Labs to co-produce a viable business case to support our idea. During a two week collaborative sprint with ex-Globe’athon team member Luke Hickton, we explored an exciting new way of making the shopping experience even more seamless and convenient for customers.

This was the first time a colleague from Stores had been invited to Tesco Labs, so the pressure was on – not only to represent my own store (Chesterfield Extra), but also to make my visit a success so that other colleagues from Stores,  Distribution Centres and CSC’s around the country might be able to follow in my footsteps.

On arrival at the Labs, Luke introduced me to the rest of the Tesco Labs team, who made me very welcome for the duration of my stay, and freely gave their help and support to Luke and me.  We benefited immensely from their expertise and individual specialist skills.

We started from scratch and with open minds, and within three days we had festooned the walls of the lab with flip chart sheets and post-it notes. As I am normally a mobile worker, it’s not often than I am able to see the result of three days’ hard work at my fingertips. I was beginning to feel a real sense of satisfaction by this point.

Another highlight of our sprint was actually running our own mini-trial of the idea, but the real sense of success was realised on the last day of my visit. It was agreed after a series of presentations to business leaders that preparations to introduce a pilot project could commence.

I think collaboration between Head Office and other areas of the business is something that should be encouraged, and I would urge anyone from Stores, Distribution and CSC’s to look out for future innovation events and wholeheartedly participate.