Product Information API Update

Perhaps the most sought after functionality from our API in recent times has been product information.

We are happy to share that we have added this to our developer portal, and this is available to make use of straight away.

This API isn’t just limited to grocery products; it also includes products from Tesco Direct. We’ve included as much information as we can at the moment, but will be looking to add to this in the near future. One of the key elements that we’re pleased to be able to feature is nutritional information – something that there has been high demand for.

However, if there is something missing that you think would be useful then please let us know. As always we appreciate your feedback, so feel free to post comments/bugs/requests in the support forum or drop us a tweet or an email. We’re also interested in hearing about what people build using the API and will feature some of the best ones here.

Happy coding!


Tesco Labs Developer Portal

We’re happy to be exposing our grocery product search functionality on the new Tesco Labs developer portal.

Sound interesting? Head on over to where you’ll find all the details including how to sign up, documentation, and example code.

This is the first step on a roadmap that will see more of the services that we use internally, made public. The next step is to provide more extensive and detailed product information, including nutrition and ingredients as well as the full product catalogue, not just groceries. Then we’ll aim to add Tesco store locations, addresses and opening hours.

Beyond that, the roadmap also includes things like creating and modifying baskets and retrieving your order history.

If you’re planning on making anything using this and future APIs, or have any feedback let us know using the contact details below.

Don’t forget you can use IFTTT if you’d like to create and modify your basket using all sorts of custom triggers (including product price changes).