Shop with Tesco on your Google Home – via IFTTT

Integrate your Tesco home grocery shopping with Google Home using and voice activation for a seamless shopping experience.

Following the last update to our If This Then That channel, we’ve continued to listen to your ideas and have been busy working behind the scenes to add new functionality. Today we’re excited to announce one of these new features!

Spurred on by the recent release of Google Home in the UK we’re proud to announce that our IFTTT channel now supports adding products by search term. Rather than setting up an individual IFTTT recipe for each product, you’ll now be able to create just one recipe and then ask your Google Home to “add milk to your Tesco basket” or “buy more eggs”.

If you already shop with Tesco regularly we’ll do our best to bias those search results towards the products that you’d normally choose, so that IFTTT will add your favourites/usuals for you – not just the first result.

Another feature we’ve added alongside this is around existing orders. If you already have a slot booked then IFTTT will amend the existing order and if you don’t it will just add it to your basket.

Google Home is one example of how you might use our new action, but you can also integrate it with the many other companies on IFTTT. We’d love you to give it a try and let us know how you get on.

To set it up you need to have Google Assistant and Tesco accounts and have them both connected to IFTTT. You can then go here and switch on the applet (which you can also see below).

ifttt tesco google home small

Is voice a channel you’d like to use for your shopping? Perhaps there are other other connected devices that could save you time on your weekly shop? Get in touch with your thoughts using the contact details below.

If you'd like to know more information you can email us at, or let us know your thoughts with a tweet @TescoLabs