London Tech Week

We’re delighted to once again be part of London Tech Week. As in previous years, there’s a huge range of events making up this extraordinary showcase of technology in the capital. This year, Tesco Technology is one of the Innovation Stream sponsors, and we’ll also be hosting our own event at our London office.

We’ll be exhibiting as Tesco Technology, based in the IoT World section of the TechXLR8 exhibition floor (stand IoT514) from Tuesday 13th – Thursday 15th June. Paul Wilkinson, Head of Technology Research for Tesco Labs, and Angela Maurer, Head of Tesco Labs, will also be taking to the stage to talk about some of our work. Look out for more details as they’re confirmed – we’re looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible at this fantastic event!

tjamT-Jam 2017
We’ll also be running our own event, called T-Jam. This event has run for a few years now, and ves technology start-ups an opportunity to pitch their ideas to people from around Tesco in a fun speed-dating format. Everyone gets five minutes to pitch before moving on to the next table and doing it all over again. There’s also an opportunity at the end of the session to have a bit more of a chat with people you found most interesting.

One of the start-ups that attended last year commented that the event gives them an opportunity to refine and practise their pitch as well as get a good variety of questions and feedback from the mixed background audience. Some of the attendees don’t even have companies yet, just ideas that they are working on which might become start-ups soon. Some wanted to talk about our developer APIs (Application Programme Interface) and ask about our IFTTT channel (If This Then That) and how they might be able to build apps that link into the Tesco ecosystem. In the past we’ve gone on to put demonstrations from companies we’ve met at T-Jam into our Tesco lab and tested a couple on some of our websites so who knows what might happen with the companies that we meet this year!

If you’re interested in applying to be considered for this year’s event, you can do so through our event registration page on the London Tech Week site.

If you’d like to know more information you can email us at, or tweet us @TescoLabs.