Welcome to the Mealify trial

Getting started

First things first, let’s get set up. Please follow the instructions in the video below.


Download the Google Chrome extension here.

What does it do?

Mealify adds meal suggestions in your Favourites – based on the products you already buy.

What do you need to do?

Once you’ve (a) installed Google Chrome (if you don’t already use it) and (b) installed the extension using the instructions in the video above, we’d like you to:

  1. Shop online with Tesco using Google Chrome, and the Mealify extension.
  2. Use the Favourites section of the website to see your tailored meal suggestions while shopping.
  3. If you like anything you see, click on it to see cooking instructions and buy the ingredients you need.
  4. If you have specific dietary or lifestyle requirements, click the “Change meal preferences” link at the top of your Favourites to further filter your meal suggestions.

What then?

We will get in touch with you a number of times during the 8 week trial to get your opinions on Mealify. Good or bad, we’d just love to know what you think.