Project: Inform

Putting information into the hand of our colleagues.

Background and Introduction

A lot has changed over the last decade. Most of us now carry a powerful computer in their pocket – their smartphone.

Tesco currently offer various customer apps across a number of platforms. Our grocery shopping app is actually now in its third generation and there is lots more to come in that area.

Continuing in this vein “Inform” is our first ‘colleague’ app and we’ve now launched it to all store managers in the UK.

Goals and Objectives

If you’re a store manager you can scan a barcode on a product or on a shelf edge label and quickly get back a load of information about the product from the central systems.

If there’s no product left on the shelf they can use this information to do some troubleshooting to find out what has happened and hopefully get the product back on sale.

Where We’re At Now

So far in trials it has been very successful and colleagues really love having this information at their fingertips.

They can also have it on whatever device they’re used to; iOS or Android (with Windows phone coming soon).

As the world gets more and more mobile we will see more apps that help our colleagues as well our customers get access to useful information.

If you'd like to know more information you can email us at, or let us know your thoughts with a tweet @TescoLabs