Meet Mewbase – our first open source project

Many of us are already familiar with Open Source.

It grew in popularity with the rise of the Internet and a need for retooling  of computing source code. However not many are aware that it’s something which is becoming more and more popular with corporate businesses. Generally, open source refers to a computer program in which the source code is available to the general public for use and/or modification, something which has several key advantages. In particular, as a typically collaborative effort, it generates positive technical mindshare.

With a view to remaining innovative, and wanting to collaborate with the best in technology, we have begun work in this area and in November announced the release of our first Open Source project – “Mewbase”.

Developed by Tim Fox from Tesco Technology, Mewbase provides a way for our services and applications to manage their events and data, eliminating the need for them to communicate with other databases and event stores. Moving forward, our aim is to provide tools so our teams can generate a new working service from scratch in seconds from metadata.

This follows work which has identified that our services and applications are spending significant time re-implementing eventing, messaging and communications logic in similar but somewhat different ways from service to service. Using a consistent approach through Mewbase will allow our development teams to get services and apps to market faster thus freeing them up to push the boundaries of development, without being bogged down in building already “solved” problems. The knock on effect of this will be that our operations are faster and more effective, allowing us to work more efficiently.

If you would like to get involved with Mewbase, please visit our Google group, or come and chat with us on our irc channel #mewbase on