“Talk to Tesco”

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What is it?

Tesco on Google Assistant helps you to manage your online shopping basket using only your voice.

You can add and remove products, check details about your order and find out when your delivery slot is. We personalise your experience based on how you already shop, and you can provide any dietary or lifestyle preferences you have. We’ll also make sure you don’t miss out on promotions.

It’s fast and it’s great for multi-tasking. Without pressing a button, you can speak to Tesco and we’ll take care of the rest. Never forget to add milk again!

It works on any Google Assistant enabled device, including Google Home smart speakers and Android mobile phones. Or, you can use it on an iPhone using the Google Assistant App.

How do you use it?

Hey Google…

“Talk to Tesco”

You can always start a conversation with us by simply saying “Talk to Tesco”.

“Ask Tesco to add milk”

When you ask us to add milk, we’ll give you a list of options to choose from, with the ones you usually buy at the top.

“Ask Tesco to add my usual milk”

When you ask us to add your usual milk, we’ll just skip the options and add the milk you buy the most straight away.

“Ask Tesco to add low fat ice cream”

You can ask for things using meaningful descriptions. Try asking for cheese “on promotion” or “vegan” burgers, for example.

“Ask Tesco to remove milk”

You can of course remove things, too.

“Ask Tesco to add 4 bottles of lemonade”

You can add multiple products in a single request.

“Ask Tesco when my delivery is arriving”

You can check when your delivery is booked for, and how long you have left to make any changes to it.

“Ask Tesco to start list mode”

If you have a longer list of items to add, try list mode. When you’re there, you can keep adding things more quickly.

It’s great on screen too!

You only need your voice to talk to Tesco on Google Assistant, but if you do use a mobile phone or a Google smart speaker with a screen – we’ve added some extra benefits for you.

You’ll be able to see and tap products in a list to add them to your basket, along with viewing additional product information, offer details and basket summaries.

You can find a full list of devices you can use to access Google Assistant here.